5 Quick Tips for Resume Building

Quick Tips for Resume Building

Here are 5 Quick Tips to help with resume building. These views are my own personal opinion and should be viewed as such. I encourage you to incorporate them ONLY if you find yourself in agreement. Never change your resume just because someone tells you to, do it because you understand the reasoning behind it and agree with the logic involved.

1. Lose the Objective
There’s a lot of differing opinions on the “Objective” portion of a resume these days. Career services at the local university might take one look at your resume, and if they don’t see one, they’ll most likely tell you to add one. Don’t. They’re unnecessary and take up valuable space you could be using to bolster your resume and garner the attention of the person reading it. After all, your objective is obvious!¬†Of course you want to get a job while growing and making a valuable contribution to the company and yada, yada, yada. Boring!

Instead, I suggest a summary. A summary should be 2-3 sentences long, packed full of detail about yourself. List off character traits and skill sets that will indicate to the employer, “Hey, this guy sounds like he has the tools we need in this position.” If somebody were to ask you in 30 seconds to sell yourself…this should be what you say.

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