Professional Hedging (ProHedge for short) is a website/blog dedicated to the professional development and growth that is increasingly necessary for those entering and already established in the work force. With economic turmoil and unemployment numbers high, and no downturn in sight, ProHedge recognizes that simply having a college degree is no longer the bare minimum for gainful employment. You must be able to show potential employers that you can be a professional and reliable work horse in any industry.

ProHedge focuses on a variety of different areas for growth. Some are as simple as improving your resume so that you get noticed in that stack of papers that employers must sift through when deciding who deserves consideration for an interview, and ultimately a job offer. Improving interviewing & networking skills are a top priority at ProHedge. How else will you wow that interviewer and make them ask you back for another interview, or possibly offer you that job on the spot?

Most job offers these days are a direct result of networking. With thousands and thousands of college students graduating every day, not to mention those already with experience in the field that find themselves job hunting, it’s no wonder why networking has become so important in the business world of today. And not just networking through local events, social media has never been so scrutinized and observed by employers looking for that perfect employee. Employers today check your Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn accounts (and anything else they can find out about you on the internet). ProHedge is dedicated to giving you the best advice possible when dealing with social media networking, as well as the classic face to face kind.

ProHedge is a avid endorser of professional development through reading. And while we love Harry Potter as much as anyone, we’re more in favor of non-fiction. Books driven towards professional growth and areas of study in your field. ProHedge will offer various reviews on books ranging in topics, though industry specific books will likely be geared towards the field of investments.

Uncertainty and risk of unemployment are higher than ever in today’s society. That’s why here at ProHedge, we recognize that the best way to lower uncertainty and minimize risk, is to bring out your star attributes through professional development and growth. Don’t get stuck wondering why your colleagues are all employed while you’re struggling, take on the challenge of bettering yourself. If you take on this challenge, not only will your confidence and abilities soar to new heights…you’ll land that job offer.


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