Comedy Mondays: Office Space trailer RECUT – 11/14/2011

If you ever find time to search on youtube, look up trailers for movies that people recut to make them look like a totally different movie. For example The Shining has an awesome recut trailer that makes it look like it’s about a man who adopts a child and learns to love.

But since we mostly deal with professionals on this blog, I’ll share one of my favorites: OFFICE SPACE. A fantastic movie in it’s own right, the trailer below is when someone made it look like a horror film. It’s really incredible!

The original trailer after the jump…


About Jason Willis
Jason graduated from the University of Central Florida in the fall of 2011 with a B.S.B.A. in Finance. He currently works at The Newport Group as an Investment Analyst on the Asset & Liability Management Team working with Non Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans. In his spare time he continues to give back to AKPsi by assisting with the CFAC and NX Chapter at UCF. He also currently operates his own blog entitled Professional Hedging, and is also preparing to acquire his Series 7 and 66 Certifications.

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