College Students – Get Involved Before Graduation Part 2

Yesterday I talked about the importance of finding an internship or part-time job as you march towards graduation. Today, we look at other avenues that you can take while in school to further prepare yourself for your future career.

What Will You Get Out Of It?

So basically I’m telling you to spend a large portion of your free time getting involved in clubs and organizations on your campus, instead of doing what all your friends are doing; partying, drinking, and staying up till 4AM on a nightly basis. Now I’m not saying not to have fun and take part in those crazy nights from time to time, but staying focused and using your time responsibly is key to making sure you’re prepared and getting offered a job by graduation.

Not only will you have a great shot at having a job offer, you’ll grow dramatically through involvement. You’ll grow emotionally and mentally in ever facet possible. Your confidence will soar through the roof at what you believe yourself capable of. You’ll find yourself walking into interviews thinking, “Thanks for holding this position open for me.” So don’t wait, get involved…now.

Should You Go Greek?

Rushing a social fraternity or sorority is always a huge decision students face every year. Sometimes they get bad raps, but don’t let a few bad apples spoil the bunch. ¬†Fraternities and Sororities for the most part are viable options to expand your network, gain lifelong friendship, and expand your networking capabilities (especially in the social atmosphere). The cost to join ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per semester.

What About Professional Fraternities?

Due to my involvement with Alpha Kappa Psi, Professional Business Fraternity, I will obviously have a huge inclination towards joining professional fraternities. They have several things working for them, especially if the chapter at your school takes themselves seriously and wants the best. Considerably cheaper than social fraternities, professional fraternities can help you network with people in your specific major while gaining valuable insight and knowledge into their respective industries through public speaking events, workshops, and various opportunities such as internships and job offerings.

There are also Honorary and Service Fraternities to consider. They also have great opportunities available to them.

Student Government

Getting involved in the student government at your school can open doors that most students can only dream of. You can serve on judicial, legislative, and executive committees. You can hold leadership positions all throughout campus. You can be a Senator for your College and represent the student body while discussing various issues that effect the school everyday. Heck, get involved early and do a great job and you can even run for President. Employers love to see students who are involved in student government, who wouldn’t? I only wish I had realized this Freshman year.

Sports Clubs

So you’re really into sports, you love playing on a sports team (such as Water Polo for example). Besides going to practice and competitions, you can also serve on your sports clubs’ Executive Board. Someone’s got to fill out paper work, take care of the finances, and organize and run it. Why not you?

Not only that, but you can also run to be on Sports Club Council (if your school has one), putting you on in charge of operations for the entire thing. SCC’s can have budgets of over $100,000. Think about how impressive being in charge of a budget of six figures is to an employer coming out of college.

Other Organizations

The number of organizations is almost unfathomable. On some of the bigger campuses, there are literally hundreds to get involved in. Some you can join for relatively small amounts (or even for free), while others can be a little expensive (like social fraternities/sororities). They all can open doors though. One thing I would suggest is to join at least one organization that relates to your major.

Create an Organization

The last bit I have is to say that if you see an area of need for a certain organization, create one! If you think your college would benefit from a certain established organization being on your campus, why not colonize the chapter? Contact the National Headquarters and see what steps you can take to help them get associated with your University/College. Taking the initiative to create an organization? That’s something any employer would be thrilled to see on a resume.


About Jason Willis
Jason graduated from the University of Central Florida in the fall of 2011 with a B.S.B.A. in Finance. He currently works at The Newport Group as an Investment Analyst on the Asset & Liability Management Team working with Non Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans. In his spare time he continues to give back to AKPsi by assisting with the CFAC and NX Chapter at UCF. He also currently operates his own blog entitled Professional Hedging, and is also preparing to acquire his Series 7 and 66 Certifications.

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